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DEMO Ethos UP Microwave System

DEMO Ethos UP Microwave System

Milestone Inc | Sample Preparation - Inorganic, Materials Processing, Cannabis Testing

with direct contact-less temperature control, 660 Full-Color Touch
Screen Controller, and EasyCONTROL Software

- True vent-and-seal technology for unsurpassed safety and performance
- Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction of chassis, cavity, and door
- Continuous and PID-controlled microwave emission at all power levels
- Internal video camera for constant run monitoring

Power: 230 V/60 Hz, 3.5 kWatt

660 Full Color Touch Screen Controller with EasyCONTROL Software:
Control terminal 660, touch screen, industrial grade controller 6.5" screen with 65,000 colours.
VGA resolution 640x480 for sharp process graphic
Multiple USB and RS-232 ports for external peripherals
Virtually unlimited storage of microwave digestion methods inclusive of multiple steps each; each step includes
microwave power, time, internal and external temperature, and pressure.
Methods and runs saved on PC-compatible USB pen-drive

"Easy-Control" Software for full GLP documentation with PID Algorithms to exactly duplicate the required
temperature curve, and for full Quality Assurance

Milestone Connect
New application for external devices includes a database of applications, user manuals, tech notes, and user videos
Allows remote control of the microwave digestion system via PC, tablet, or smartphone

Compatible with both 15-position high pressure rotor or high-throughput 24-position and 44 -position rotors, also backwards compatible with older rotors

Compatible with fragrance kit for terpene extraction

Weight: 84kg
Overall instrument dimensions: 54 x 64 x (69)H cm

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