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Drum Mill TM 500

Drum Mill TM 500

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The Drum Mill TM 500 is a laboratory ball mill designed to grind large sample volumes up to 35 l. It accepts initial feed sizes of up to 20 mm and can achieve grind sizes down to 15 µm by friction and impact. Hard, brittle or fibrous samples are pulverized in the 150 l drum filled with 80 kg grinding balls. The variable speed of 10 to 50 rpm, different grinding ball sizes and the possibility of long-term grindings of up to 100 h ensure perfect adaption to sample properties as well as reproducible results. A TM 500 features a stainless steel 316L drum and hopper is available for applications where the sample must not be contaminated in any way.


I Initial feed size up to 20 mm
I Final fineness I Variable speed 10 – 50 min-1
I Calibration function
I Grinding balls/sample separation unit
I Easy tilt to empty the drum
I Long-term grinding up to 100 h possible
I Interval mode with/without direction reversal
I Start Delay
I 316L version “TM 500 foodGrade” available


Thanks to the feed hopper and optional separating screen for grinding balls/ sample, operation of the TM 500 and handling of the required 80 kg of grinding balls are particularly ergonomic and simple. The drum is easily emptied by an electronic tilt function. Parameters like grinding time, start delay, or interval mode are selected and stored conveniently via the operating display. Thanks to programmable grinding breaks it is also possible to process heat-sensitive sample materials. Intervals with forward and reverse mode combination are useful to avoid caking effects. For additional safety, the drum mill is equipped with an emergency switch for instant turn-off.

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