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ultraWAVE Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) Microwave Digestion

ultraWAVE Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) Microwave Digestion

Milestone Inc | Sample Preparation - Inorganic

The remarkable new UltraWAVE features Milestone’s unique SRC technology in a fully automated benchtop package. Through advanced design and engineering, Milestone has been able to reduce the size of SRC technology, resulting in a small benchtop unit that can fit in even the smallest lab. UltraWAVE digests up to 15 samples – of any matrix – simultaneously. No need to batch samples of the same type into separate runs. Eliminates labor associated with assembly/disassembly of digestion vessels – simply weigh the sample into a glass vial, add acid and place into the sample rack.

UltraWAVE is perfect for labs that have multiple sample types to digest, or for labs that simply want the convenience of SRC technology. The superior digestion quality and minimal blank contribution of the SRC makes UltraWAVE an ideal complement to ICP-MS. The UltraWAVE with SRC technology removes the limitations of conventional closed vessel systems and makes microwave digestion more effective and more efficient than ever before.

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