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XRD Mill McCrone

XRD Mill McCrone

Retsch | Sample Preparation - Inorganic

The XRD-Mill McCrone was specially developed for the preparation of samples for subsequent X-ray diffraction (XRD). The mill is used for applications in geology, chemistry, mineralogy and materials science, quality control as well as R&D.

Because of its unique grinding motion, the XRD-Mill McCrone is particularly effective for this analytical method: The 48 cylindrical grinding elements grind the samples gently via friction. The result is a short grinding time with almost no sample loss and an exceptionally narrow particle size distribution.
The crystal lattice is almost entirely preserved during grinding operation, a premise for meaningful X-ray diffraction.

The grinding vessel consists of a 125 ml capacity polypropylene jar fitted with a screw capped gasketless polyethylene closure. The jar is filled with an ordered array of 48 identical cylindrical grinding elements, available in agate, zirconium oxide or corundum. The grinding time for optimum micronization is between 3 and 30 minutes. A typical sample volume is between 2 and 4 ml.


bones, borides, carbides, cement, ceramics, clay, construction materials, glass, metals, mica, minerals, nitrides, plant materials, slate


  • crystal lattice preserved during grinding operation
  • very narrow and reproducible particle size distribution
  • minimal cross contamination
  • compact, bench-top sized model
  • adjustable grinding power (4 steps)
  • suitable for dry and wet grinding
  • easy to clean
  • almost maintenance-free
  • quiet operation


  • Applications: grinding, mixing and triturating, dry and wet
    Field of application: X-ray diffraction
    Feed material: medium-hard, hard, brittle, fibrous
    Material feed size: < 0.5 mm
    Final fineness: < 1 µm
    Speed at 50 Hz (60 Hz): 1,000 - 1,500 min-1 in 4 steps
    No. of grinding stations:1
    Typical mean grinding time: 3 - 30 min
    Dry grinding: yes
    Wet grinding: yes
    Cryogenic grinding: no
    Material of grinding tools: agate, zirconium oxide, corundum
    Grinding jar sizes: 125 ml
    Setting of grinding time; digital, 00:00:10 to 99:59:50
    Drive: DC-Motor
    Electrical supply data: 120 V, 50/60 Hz
    Power connection: 1-phase
    Protection code: IP 30
    Power consumption: 100W
    W x H x D closed: 205 x 155 x 520 mm
    Net weight: ~19 kg

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