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Dust Analyzer DustMon RD 100

Dust Analyzer DustMon RD 100

Retsch | Materials Processing

The DustMon RD 100 was designed to reliably determine the dustiness of granular products and powders.

The Dust Analyzer DustMon RD 100 characterizes the dustiness of powders and granulates and is an ideal system to measure the amount and concentration of dust. The analysis method offers a real-time measurement with up to 1000 measurements per second. All results will be stored and can be transferred into other databases such as Excel.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Measurement of dust concentrations
  • Determination of dust index and dust area
  • Max. 10 overlay dust curves for easy comparison of different samples
  • Sealed sample cassette
  • High reproducibility
  • Simple user interface with integrated display
  • Analysis complies with CIPAC MT 171 method

Function Principle

RETSCH’s DustMon RD 100 consists of a dosing control system, sample beaker with a valve and a tube, which is easily detachable for cleaning and transportation, a sample collector, a light source, and a detector.

The sample is poured into the sample beaker. On starting the measurement, the valve opens and the sample drops down the tube into the sample collector.

The dust generated in the sample collector will be measured by the detector and the resulting dust index will be displayed.


  • Maximum dust concentration in % (0-100% of complete dust concentration)
  • Dust concentration, dust index (maximum and concentration) and dust area available after 30 seconds


Measuring principle

attenuation of light intensity

Measurement parameters

dust index, dust area, max and end value

Light source


Sample amount

10 g - 200 g; typically 30 g

Measuring time

30 seconds (selectable up to 999 seconds)

Operating temperature

5 - 40 °C


12 V (DC) external power supply


~ 13.5 kg

Dimensions (W x H x D)

~ 32 x 90 x 22 cm

Operating Manual

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